PRESS RELEASE July 27, 2009 -- Hunstville Grand National Event - Cole Michael -
Well not quite what we expected this year at the Grand National Event, although we did get to share time with some family and NEW friends!! Cole and I would like to thank everyone that helped us in our lower mains and we were glad you were there for the physical and moral support!!  The Oaklane crash cart crew as always , you guys are the best!!  thanks to all of you guys and gals!!

After a DQ in qualifying in the Heavy 160 and a broken hub stud and tire fall off coming to get the green in World Formula Qualifying, our only bright spot was the Track Points leading Heavy Honda car.  Qualified 18th fastest in that class.  The new HYPER CHASSIS was the Heavy 160 and surprisingly it had timed into the G Main but a wheel that was rolled more right side than expected caused a DQ and relegated us to the last main, J.  The World Formula proved to be the most exciting car, after a miserable 2 day practice in the 7.30's the laps coming to the green in qualifying showing how going back to basics can and does work, at a 6.41, 6.50 and 6.70 almost a full second faster, but to no avail and a broken stud, showing a bad wheel that was ovaled out and unknown by the crew prior to qualifying.  We could have only wished we had started the clock sooner, but alas, we were back in the last main there as well, H main.  So race day for us would be the 17th race out and man was it going slowly.  With a transfer into the Heavy 160 I Main, we soon would see way too tight and over geared, not allowing the driver to advance to the next round.  1 down and two to go.  The driver was excited for the 22nd race to come and the first round of the World Formula that was wicked fast.  A lap 15 incident would see 3 cars go down, including us and several repairs later we would find ourselves in 5th fighting for fourth and then coasting to a fourth place finish, busted right front and all!  The next race would find us fast again and in the top 5 from a 9th place start, until a lesser experienced driver would cut off the field and top 5 drivers, causing another wreck, this time not recoverarble.  the same driver would take out 3 more drivers and did not transfer due to his miserable driving display, along the way causing us and two more cars to dnf.  the luck did not seem to be on our side, the right side damages this time amounted to $250 in damage to the shock, axle, and radius rods as well. 
On day two the track and temperatures would keep us guessing and trying to advance, but the race gods would not be so kind, a last lap spin coming outta turn four by an overly aggressive driver and no call by the judges would see us as the X car for the C Main the next day.  "I hated to wish bad luck for another driver to get crashed out in warm ups, or coming to the green flag or even break on their own, but hey, it's the Grands and I wanna advance, but not if it means a driver will get hurt", called out by the frustrated wheel man.  none the less we all were keeping our fingers crossed for better luck, with no avail, and hence relegated to a 6th pace D Main finish.  All in all just slightly better that a few years back, but not what we were hoping for this year.  "I always say, ya win some , ya lose some and ya wreck some, but mostly you wreck some! but hoping for better luck next time.  Considering the level of competition, we faired okay with the new chassis and 1st time World Formula Chassis", shouted the dejected crew chief walking back after waiting for someone's misfortune. 
With all that said, we did meet some new friends and hope to catch up with them again and wish them well the rest of this 2009 season.  It was a pleasure meeting, Bubba, Blitz, Mike and Tyler as well as Dan and Mike Atwell all of CRI, tyler Clem racing!! Hopefully a future team mate  at SHR and always friends and contacts!!  Please check out Bubba, Tyler, Mike and Dan at their website, .  Thanks guys and good luck in 2009!!
We'd also like to take the time to thank the QMA Officials and the Huntsville Quater Midgets for such a wonderful event.  THe grounds were awesome and the hospitality even better!! THanks to all that made it happen!!
Looking forward to Terre Haute next week!  The QMA Dirt Grands!!  Indiana here we come!!

PRESS RELEASE June 14, 2009 - – Honey Brook, Pa – Cole Michael -

With that familiar sound of “Another A-Main Win in Heavy Honda!”, leading the points with 4 Consecutive A-Main wins in 4 points events, and 8 of 8 TOP 2 finishes, we lead the 2009 track championship in points in the Heavy Honda class and a close third in the Heavy 160 class, the year is going well to say the least.  The 2009 Asphalts States race win in the Heavy Honda class showed the driver had the poise and determination to come from a mediocre qualifying effort to finish 3rd in the B-Main and start 8th in the A-Main.  Driving a very smart race with a fast car, “The Kid” actually made all the calls on race day.  “He picked the gear, the ride heights and the air pressures to run for the Main event, and did a phenomenal job of driving, quickly moving up to the front!”.  “I knew my car was fast and I took my time and patiently reeled in the leader with 10 to go and trying not to look back”.   After spinning through the infield at the end of the victory lap, the driver made the statement, “I’ll definitely remember that one!” It was clearly an effort well made by the driver to get his first Region 2 Asphalt States Race Championship, the second biggest race of the year.   Then with the promise of a good car and traveling up to the banked oval in Trumbauersville, for the first of a double duty weekend, with points on the home track the next day, we were set to run for the cup at the neighboring asphalt track to the north.  Rains would plague and delay the event and also make for a crap shoot setup between the clouds, sun and rain.  The weather Gods would be to our disadvantage and not let us survive the B Main pole start, relegating us to a 6th place finish and no transfer spot for the A Main.  “There's always the 160 cup race in August, we’ll do better there!” 2009 so far is more than pretty exciting for the team, with the promise of a new Hyper Racing Chassis (#3) for the longtime 600 and 270 sprint car fabricator, we look forward to getting the car on track and proving it as a winner as well.  Quarter Midget chassis Head for Hyper Racing, Chris Snyder looks forward to our feedback and input in helping to develop their Quarter Midget efforts.  I know we will have a car capable of running up front right off the trailer.  We would like to take the time to welcome them to our 2009 effort as well as thank our returning sponsors, DHL Global, Under Armour, A-Main Motors, Summit Signs and Graphics and El Salto Restaurants. We know the relationships we have built together with you will continue to be a good one and improve our 2009 efforts for the entire season!

Stay tuned for some pictures of our new car and upcoming event information on the 2009 Eastern Grands in July as well as plenty of additional track news in the months to come…….  By the way if your internet savvy you can keep up with us on twitter!

PRESS RELEASE May 18, 2009 - Cole Michael and One to Go Racin Motorsports - Awesome Start!! -

Hello all and thanks for watching!!  Well what can I say so far but awesome start!! The team is jelling and moving right along in hot pursuit our 2009 goals, becoming a reality!! Not only are we moving forward in the bigger cars, but the QMA series is right on top! Track Championship standings at Honeybrook, with an impressive Six, that's right, 6, consecutive wins in the Heavy Honda Class, 1st Place with 2 of 8 events complete. The Heavy 160 is in line with last years 3rd place points finish, with 6 Consecutive top 3 and 4 finishes, including two seconds in the last six contests.
The fast start should prove to be signs of a great 2009 States Race Qualifier events this upcoming weekend in Honey Brook Pa, our home track!
We are striving closer to get the Mod Lite and Young Lions series started in the next few weeks, but have been making this weekends ends States Race our main focus.  They will be done and our program will slowly change over for limited racing in these two classes.  The practices so far have been encouraging to say the least.
So we hope to continue our continued success at this weekends event and leading up to our Grand nationals event, Alabama QMRC in July.  be sure to follow us live on Quarter Live.
On a side note, we have an announcement coming this week in reference to an addition to the 2009 Team, it will be an exciting one to say the least!! rest assured it is news!!
We would like to congratulate up and coming drivers Dylan Martin, Ryan Schmoker and Zachary Martin in achieving their first QMA wins in the Sr and Jr Novice classes over the past couple of weeks.  Zack was powering a 1 To Go Motorsports 120 Bullrider Chassis and Ryan has a former Cole Michael winning chassis that they motored to the front of the field in their respective classes! Dylan raced a sister car to our 1 To Go Racin Motorsports Schmoker Special with a little help from his friends and Driver Helper Cole Michael.  CONGRATS TO THESE DRIVERS AND THEIR FAMILIES  and we look forward to getting you their as many times as possible in 2009!!


February 22, 2009 – Harrisburg, Pa – With that familiar sound of “Gentlemen and ladies, Start Your Engines”, ready or not it’s here! The 2009 season has been officially kicked off for the 1 To Go Racin Motorsports team and driver, Cole Michael.  The first event of the year started out with the 31st Annual Motorama Harrisburg indoor show for two days.  Not only was our host with the most, Mr. Ed Pennsyl of Star Chassis, very hospitable, but the competition was there in attendance ready to roll.  Our Saturday started off a little slow and below average for practice and the heats that followed, but would surely brighten up after the data could be compared to the 2008 run and notes.  After knocking the rust off and making the changes in accordance with the drivers updated weight and height increases over the last year, the cars were definitely ready to go for the main event.  A dismal dnf in both classes, would relegate the team to start 9th in the Hvy 160 D main (last main) and 6th in the Hvy Honda B main (last main) to open the days races.  The driver was full of determination stating, “We will be in the A with both cars, I want to race my way up anyway, it will be much more fun coming from last to first!”  and off we went.  Quickly advancing in the 160 from the D to the C to the B Main with only a few breaks in between and working toward the A, right off the bat from the 10 slot in the B, the car was fast.  A forced mid race dot by an over aggressive competitor would push us back from 5th to 9th on the field with 15 laps to go.  “Caught up in someone else’s attitude, didn’t help, man we were getting faster on the long green run!” he would shout from his helmet during the caution. That caution would be the start of tree more consecutive caution flags by other drivers each time we would advance up in the order.  Basically over the next 8 laps we would get no better than 7th due to the repeated cautions.  Finally up to the 6 th spot with three to go, a last minute pass would keep us from advancing and end the day 7th in the Hvy 160 B Main. Before the B Main in the 160, the Hvy Honda would go out to finish 2nd and start us in 8th in the A!.  With the pole sitter being very fast early and trapped behind traffic after the start, we would get caught a lap down with 1 other car by the eventual race winner.  In the lineup after a few cautions the driver fought his way to 4th in the running order but unable to get the lap back and be a contender for the win.  That lap down would prove to be costly and relegate us to a 9th place finish, although the car and driver had actually passed 5 cars to get lined and stay up with the top 3 cars.  “All in all, I was happy with the car changes and the drivers cool head to get us 100 times better than what we were the day before.  Had we bought some track tires and bashed our way to the front like some of the other competitors, we made had finished up front but with less respect of our fellow competitors, the season and the races will only get better for the driver and team as well! We are better off saving the “GOOD STUFF” for the upcoming full season then this tune up race. I am glad the driver had fun, because in the end, that’s what counts!” a happy Owner was overheard to say.  The slightly tired driver also chimed in with, “it was fun, we adapted to the car changes, which were just a little off normal to say the least, taking last years world formula chassis and converting it to a Hvy Honda, and making the 160 of a car that has not seen this track before, I think we did a great job and leads me to be that much more excited to start the 2009 season on asphalt!”  As a team we would just like to say “Thanks!, to all of our 2008 sponsors and of course mom and dad for the weekends work and events!” 

Well 2009 is lining up to be more than pretty exciting for the team, with the promise of aquiring the services of MHR driver development coach Mike Herman, Jr. and the prospect of the Summer Shout Out Series in a legends race car in the south, we are also waiting on delivery of our new large Bullrider chassis to complete our stable of current cars.  The team has also put the Intruder up for sale/rental to allow an additional team member or promising racer to expand in a class and drive a proven winning car at the track. We look forward to sharing more winning and racing stories with you over the course of the 2009 season and hopefully be announcing another series and car class in the larger scheme of the next step in Cole Michael’s racing career.  We would like to announce that A-Main Motors, will be coming on board this year and oversee our entire motor and tire program in all of our current QMA classes.  We know the relationship will be a good one and improve our 2009 efforts for the entire season!

Cole and Mike, 1 To Go Racin Motorsports

PRESS RELEASE Dec 9, 2008 - Cole Michael and 1 To Go Racin Motorsports- 2008 Coming to a Close

It's been a few so here's the skinny on what's been up! After being washed out for the last week of the DQMRC season back in October the team made plans to go down to NCQMA in Salisbury and get some info on gearing and setups at the track for the Thanksgiving weekend of the Fall Nationals to be slightly ahead of the competition. On the 7th it was open practice and dialing it in on all three cars. On the 8th it was time to run. While we had mixed results in qualifying, the day would turn out to be not so bad. The Heavy Honda axle gear popped out coming to the green flag lap and relegated us to a last place start in the C Main. The 160 would go out and turn a decent lap to put us in the C main and ready to race there to the A. The World Formula would be relegated to starting in the B Main. Well we went from the C to the A in the Heavy Honda and the gear came out once again, relegating a final finish of 10th. The 160 would not make it out of the C. The World Formula would go from the B to the A and not get past 10 th there as well, but all in all info gained!!

So now it's Thanksgiving weekend and we are back once again! While not having the gear breakage problems and no cold temps or loose track conditions, several in house trackside conditions were going on. On qualifying day, the club announced confiscation of all A-Main tires for the fast qualifiers, sent down and agreed by national. No problem for us though, we would hope for an A-Main starting spot but know it maybe outta reach. So the Heavy Honda, unlocked qualified 4th in the last main(E) and the Heavy 160 would start outside pole on the C main as the world formula would qualify just 4th in the C as well. The track was cold and not condusive of fast times since no track records were set or even that close in the rounds of qualifying. After winning the E Main, that would be the highlight of the racing event for us. The D Main would see a partially blocked track and as the driver came off the turn, just nowhere to go and the right front was basically ripped off and down the side, earning us the first DNF in almost 2 months!
In the C Main of the Heavy 160, the outside poll would prove to be the wrong side of the start as we were pushed into the wall, and relatively to the back. With virtually no caution flags and the driver struggling for the 5th spot, banging back and fourth with one of our own club drivers, he made the choice to a pass that forced him below the breakers on the last lap, giving us a DQ and no hope of a B Main start. Finally in the C Main of the World Formula, we would be in a good place after a few yellows to advance to the 5th spot, however after getting loose coming off turn two, we would spin and get flipped by another driver that tried to avoid Cole but was late and with nowhere to go, we would get hit and oil would overflow out of the motor. Opting for a quick last minute change, we wouldn't make it out in time for the green and DQ'd once again. So all in all a less then spectacular showing that would later be all for naught as finishing of the A-Mains would get rained out and all the A's would be set by qualifying on Friday.

The driver being somewhat dejected had this to say, "I must say, we are all disappointed but hey, that's racin, we will be back stronger and better in 2009, you can bet on that!" These guys better look out next year, but THANKS TO ALL OUR SPONSORS for a great year!!"

"I'd like to have seen us do much better but hey, we have had a great year! 19 wins in features and heats and many a competitor wishing us better luck when it was not going our way, good friends and fun times, and minimal damage this year, no serious driver injuries and we even survived a stolen car, what more could a Owner/Crew Chief/Dad ask for from his son!" "All in all not too shabby!"

On a bad note we did here that some of the A Main qualifiers were suspected of "tire doping" and as of yet has not been confirmed by National Tech, but none the less is a slap in the face to the kids/dads/moms, like us, that race always on the up and up each and every week! Enough said!

As for the year looking back, we just wish to thank all our Sponsors, friends, competitors and club members that pitched in when we needed help and a helping hand!! Without you we wouldn't been able to have as much fun this year!! We look forward to an even brighter 2009 and have some truly big plans in store for the year!! Be sure to check into the website in January for the 2009 schedule and plans and look for our first email in late January of 2009............

In closing for our last email of 2008 we at 1 To Go Racin Motorsports would like to recognize some events this year and wish those affected many blessings and admiration for a SAFE, HEALTHY and PROSPEROUS remaining 2008 and even better 2009; Mr. Joe Schoonover and Family on the loss of their son Gregory, James Perry and Family on the loss of our Grammy Amelia, Margaret Sichette and Family on the loss of our Aunt Dorothy Emminger, Mr. Joe Sobolefski and Family of, on the passing of his Father, and Mr. Joseph Giba's Family, on his abrupt passing this year as well, we know they will all be sorely missed this holiday season, please accept our sincerest sympathies and well wishes now and in the years to come!!

On a lighter note;
From our racing family to all of yours- MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May the Lord rise up to meet all of your needs and you never have to do without!! THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR!!!!!

Cole and Mike Sichette

PRESS RELEASE Oct 04, 2008

"7" wins and the lucky number for the day, to quote an old Vegas line, "winner winner chicken dinner!!" - makes me laugh every time I think of it!! The last points race of the season was not bad at all to the 13 year old wheel man this day. Being just 10 points behind in the Heavy Honda standings and just 20 points in Heavy 160, there was the chance to pull off the double for a 1st and 1st finishes in 2008 track points championships. The best case would be 4 in a row wins and back to back in both heats and features, a daunting task but within reason. The points leaders would also have to stumble and finish in the rear in both, with it being racin, anything's possible. Drawing the number once again in Heavy Honda, just as we started in the 08 season in points, we would finish 3rd in the heat, but just behind the points leader. Relegating a 3rd place start for the A. The 160 was 6th on the grid and made it up to fourth on a cold and slick surface. We would also start there in the A. The point's leader proved to be tough, winning the heat and achieving max points ahead of the rest of the challengers. So off to the races in the Heavy Honda and after the changes made by the crew(drivers weight was unknowingly 12 pounds more, hence the low finish in the heat race) would put the car ready to move to the front. After following the pole sitter for 6 laps, it was time to make the move and man was the driver on the game!!! Wheeling the car out of the 2nd turn and not looking back for the next 18 laps, pulling away in the corners and allowing the points leader to close slightly in the straights, but like a man possessed, he just kept inching away to an impressive 7th WINNER!! "WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!" was spewed out of the mouth of the proud papa while working the number 3 corner of the hot chute. "YES, YES, great job!" and the driver/crew chief thumbs up coming to get the checkered flag victory lap. Taking it in his right hand in salute and memory of his fallen friend and fellow racer, Gregory Schoonover, for whom he dedicated and ran his 01 car number this 2008 season. "Just like Greg would have done, did you see, I took in my right hand to salute Greg!!" the exuberant driver said, "Now lets see what we can do with the 160!" The task of a double would prove to be harder than anticipated starting from 4th and outside, with the points leader in the rear, the could and loose track would be a hand full until the tires got some heat in em. Trying for third with just 8 to go, an attempt to pass down to the breakers ahead of the now 3rd place car, who just happened to be the 2nd place points car as well, wheel to wheel in the corner, forcing the opposing driver to turn down and not give, forced him up into the outside wall and us to complete the pass only to be charged with a call and relegated to the back for the last 8 laps. Running out of time and lacking enough grip we would be able to get back to 5th and walk away in one piece. As the driver pulled into the scales he commented the following, "Man we were fast, we got a really bum call and I tried but ran out of time, on such a short run, well we finished in one piece and on all fours, not bad!" 5th would prove to be good enough to finish the season 3rd in track championship points for the year. "I couldn't be a prouder Dad to see him mature so fast and do so well in this just his fourth full season in QMA, it's been tough and he has become a better driver each week and will definitely be a proven winner in the years to come!" "Truly good to see him competing with kids that have almost twice his years in experience in these cars and for him to come so far so fast, what else can I say!" the learning chief/Dad and Owner would say as he was now headed to teardown of both motors for the tech bench. But it also happens thanks to our wonderful and supporting sponsors of which we could not have gotten as far as we have in such little time. Special thanks to the following: DHL GLOBAL, EL SALTO RESTAURANTS, SUMMIT SIGNS & GRAPHICS, WHAY'S AUTO, MARYLAND WHITETAIL.COM,UNDERARMOUR, R-MOTORWORKS, A-MAIN, GRAM, MOM, DAD, MIKEY and the rest of the family and friends who made it happen in 2008. THANKS SOOO MUCH, this WINS for all of you!!

On a sad note this week, please keep our friend, Mr. Joe Sobolefsky of and his family in your prayers, as his Dad lost his 13 month battle with cancer, GODBLESS JOE and our prayers are with you and the family at this tough time.

PRESS RELEASE Sept 04, 2008

DQMRC- HONEY BROOK PA - SEPT 4, 2008 - Well it's been awhile to say the least. Actually the last 4 weeks has been met with some anxious anxiety and planning for the final half of the race season. After loosing a car to thieves, we were able to make a deal for an older but reliable replacement from one of our race friends in PA. The car was fast out of the blocks and we hope it will be a fast addition to the team. The past few weeks included the heavy Honda Cup race at DQMRC as well as the Keystone annual 2 day monza points event. The cup race would prove to be trying and after some major damages suffered to both cars in the heats, we were unable to compete in the cup race, first time in three years and disappointing to say the least! As for the Keystones, with a win in the first round and a second place in the second round the Heavy Honda points were tied between us and the Suttons. A poor third round race would relegate us back to 7th in points in that event. The 160 would not seem to go on the restarts and relegate us to a 9th place overall, after being flipped by another competitor coming to take the checkered. The World Formula was back and since it was only our fourth race of the year, the car and driver were whopped to say the least. Relegated to 2 DNF's of faulty parts and tribulations and an inadvertent DQ in the last heat, while the driver, who decided he was just going to try and make laps and keep out of the points leaders way, trying to start last, and many others pulling in, confused him and he had a drive thru penalty prior to the green flag, causing the DQ. So September is not off to the best start, but hopefully the bad luck is out of the way now and brighter, luckier days are ahead. Special thanks to the family for making it up to see us this past Sunday at the Keystones and better luck soon!! Upcoming 160 Cup race and the World Formula Cup as well as this week's points battle!
Ps Please keep your thoughts and prayers out for the families dealing with the tropical storms and hurricanes this week and next.

Remember to race safe, go fast and turn left!!!


DQMRC itor - JULY 25, 2008 - SIX A-MAIN WINS- JUST PAST MID SEASON FOR 2008!- Relegated to only one car again this week, the determination and drive factor were still very strong! A slight hiccup in the heat race with a flat tire and the front axle but not a bad finish. The crew and river would thrash quickly enough to get the car back up to par for the A-Main. Starting on the outside pole, and at the drop of the green, the wheelman would drive to the front along the back stretch to not look back for the 25 lap feature. The second place car of Chris Hare would have to settle down and drive a tight race car, that has slowly but surely improved with the help of his 1 To Go Motorsports friends and driver to get his car better for more competitive racing. "Chris tried but I kept beating him off the corner, we were tight, but the car was better the closer to the inside of the corner breakers I would run, not quite as fast as the last two weeks, but fast enough to win!" We're having a pretty good season so far and I have been happy, we are trying to get the 160 back in, and maybe swap out that motor with the World Formula." Just a slight hesitation of spirit from the driver, with another week of no word on his stolen car, after all the blanketing the area with info of the incident just 16 days ago. "That's the only disappointing point of the season so far, just don't know what to do when something like that happens to a good kid/sport role model like our driver." The past couple weeks he's been trying to help the competition beat us and improve their rides as well, not to mention offering to swap cars!" Yes sir a good kid indeed, he didn't deserve for that to happen to him!" just a bit of the Owner/Crew Cheif's perspective after crossing the scales. All in all a good night and remember this and all of our wins this year are in memorium of our fallen friend and competitor, Greg Schoonover. Stay tuned for more to come..........


Press Release - July 21, 2008 - Cole Michael - 1 To Go Motorsports - Friday Nights - Down and an UP? -
What to say about his Friday nights racing, is we had a very bad downer on Wed/Thursday night to am. In case we haven't let everyone know by now, we had our race trailer broken into on Wednesday between 1-9pm and were notified that we had a burglary at the track then, while 2 other trailers were parked on the grounds as well. After spending almost 5 1/2 hours of round trip driving, 2 hours of waiting for the State Police to return to the scene and then looking in the dark in the local areas, we were tired to say the least. I have dispatched an email and posted flyers all over the QMA sites and tracks as well as many of the chassis builders associated with QMA. The downer would get worse when Friday night came and the Heavy 160 heat race started without Cole behind the wheel of his car. Forced to set on the side and like a puppy looking for an Owner the wheeler was set back and very disappointed to see his friends all take to the track without him in tow. "I know we could have maybe won tonight in my 160, and I really want to catch the people who did this! It makes me stop and think and get mad that times are tough enough that people nowadays just don't respect other people or their belongings!" What's worse is they probably will just joyride or wreck it or even worse strip it and sell it off, my mom and dad work too hard to give me and my brothers a lot of things that they tell us we deserve and earn in most cases due to our attitude and admiration in LIFE!, what's the world coming too? I just can't understand!" On the upside for the most part, being dejected by the theft, he was still able to race in his Heavy Honda and to a feature win and also capture the checkered for his 5th A-Main win of the season with an almost "mad at the world determination" to get back some good attitude with his disappointment form earlier in the week. "What did we do wrong here is trust people and rely on respect of others belongings, but I guess it was my fault for not being more guarding of our belongings in this day and age", " I'd rather lost my tools and parts than for my son to loose something else of his, similar to May 31st when our home was vandalized and Cole's items were taken then as well. I blame the parents/adults of the ones involved and hope that they get what they deserve in some form or shape from taking away a piece of my sons accomplishments and dreams!" I can tell you this he is one determined young man and he will come back from this and I think we learned another lesson; there won't be a next time or another opportunity for others to do this again!

If anyone sees or hears of the car being ran, sold or up or any information leading it to be found, please contact 911 or the local police. Thanks for watching and keeping up with our driver and his pursuit to make a dream come true! Stayed to next weeks release and have a great week!!............

Boys And Girls, Start Your Engines, By: Kevin L. Hall, The Bulletin, July 14, 2008
Honey Brook - They drive with the gas pedal floored, burning rubber, and passing with a purpose. Boys and girls as young as 5, driving as fast and as steady as they can. And they don't even need a learner's permit...... Read the entire article.


Do you remember that 1978, Bell & James disco classic? Well that was our feeling on this Friday nights point race double. Unfortunately the World Formula was still at the engine shop, but we made the best of the situation and earned major points on the rest of the field tonight! First Friday night race at DQMRC of the 2008 season and the points crowd was there, most of the regulars anyway, not a bad turnout. The stress factor of driving in Friday rush traffic from MD to Pa after a full day of real work 7-3, pick up the Wheeler and up to the track we went, was all relieved at the nights event. "I could get used to this winning thing!" quoted the exuberant driver behind his 01 Toyota makeshift camry/intruder chassis. "Hey we did it for Greg again!" realizing that he had adorned the number 4 position again and lined up the 4- 01 on the front hood. "Man that was another Sunday drive, but on a Friday night!" Relegated for the 4 hole on the A-Main start the, field would quickly see in two laps that there were just two dominant cars for the night. After finishing nose to tail in the heat, the O-M connections of Sichette and Sutton, would prove to be the 1-2 rides, until Sutton had an equipment failure, lost his right rear studs and went up and over on his lid, to DNF for the first time in 2008. " I was thinking, Geo's coming, then a loud scrape behind me, then no GEO?" coming down the back stretch, that's when I seen him on his roof, man what happened?" The night was also good in the Heavy 160, a fourth place finish in the heat delegating us to outside pole start for the A-Main. The Bullrider chassis was strong from the start, holding down the number two spot from the drop of the green flag, as the laps wound down the heat race winner, also a Bullrider of wheelman Chris Reccione, was strong and though several laps of hard, nose to tail racing, we just could not seem to pass. "I think we were running the same speeds and his off the corner was just a little better than mine!" great race though, awesome night, I sure had fun!! "Right there that's what it's all about, those 4 words, I knew it would be worth the wait!, heralded from the crew cheif as they rode off into the midnight air and heading back south. Thanks to DHL, UA ,EL SALTO, WHAY'S AUTO, and Intruder Chassis, for your support in 2008, and WIN Number 4!! Please stay tuned for next week and more exciting news to come.............


We know it's been awhile and we apologize but sometimes family comes first! After Gram Amelia's passing and missing the 2008 Grand National Event in Silver City, CT, due to vacation inability (two weeks in a row, no way), and now what, rain and a holiday! Oh Happy 4th of July to everyone, hope it was a safe one. We did enjoy our time off, but are chomping at he bit to win one for Grammy Amelia. Dad is back into the real world now, back to a fulltime position with a company, instead of trying to struggle on his own, YEAH, RACE FUNDS!! Tough choice but the smart one!! Thanks, Mr Vannoy and RMS! Well this weekend will be our first Friday night at DQMRC and Saturday we will be trying to make the Heavy Honda Cup Race and Heavy 160 A-mains!! All is better now and racing is back, provided mother nature doesn't wash us out!! Come check out the website and see what work the NEW WEBMASTER ROB has in store for our update and press releases!! WELCOME ABOARD MASTER ROB!! Hope to write more regularly starting back this week. One other solemn note while we were away, we lost our a DHL Racing buddy, MR. SCOTTY KALITTA, we had the pleasure of meeting Scott, Doug, Connie, Dave, and Hillary at last year's Richmond Hospitality event, where Scott's brother Doug won the TF race. We will miss Scott and wish all of Gods Blessings to the Kalitta Racing Family. GODSPEED SCOTT, you will be missed. Cole got to me Scott and he remembered the signed items we got from the Kallitta's that day and asked me to drop them off to our sponsors Maryland Office, so they could enjoy them as much as we did! What a kid!! Till next week, Stay Tuned and Come by the website and say hey!! THANKS.......................................

PRESS RELEASE June 08, 2008

DQMRC - JUNE 8,2008 - Points Tallies - The weekend would prove to be a hot one. Temps near 100 degrees would have everyone fighting tight conditions and tired drivers! Three classes would prove to be a little much for the heat as the driver scored two top fives and a top ten in each of the three classes. "Boy am I tired, that was a long hot day!", Cole said as he slowly pushed across the World Formula race scales . All three A-Main finishes would net a fair day in points and leave the crew trying to get more speed out of the cars. The 160 would be close to track record speeds but a late call would keep the driver relegated to a 5th place finish. The WF would be all the driver could handle after running all day in the grueling heat. The heavy honda would not perform as well as expected but would pick up from practice. "We need to go back an get some more speed, especially with back to back points races, ,we will do it and be better and faster next week!" the hot and outta shape crew chief huffed, "I need to work on my speed also", laughing under a sweaty brow. Stay tuned for next week as we get set for the points racing once again! Thanks to all who offered their sympathy for Grammy's passing, we sure do miss her smiling face and know that she is now free of her pains and struggles, watching down on us all and keeping us safe!..................................


PRESS RELEASE May 31, 2008

Pasadena, Md - Sad News of Grandmom Perry - After 5 years of battling many complications, diabetes, heart ailments, ,infections and amputations, Cole' Grandmom- Amehlia Perry succumbed to respiratory failure at 8 am on Saturday May the 31,2008. THe family is making arrangements for MOM on Tuesday and Wednesday at Schumineks Funeral Parlor in Perry Hall on Belair Rd. The burial will take place on Thursday after a small service at Schumineks, then we will proceed to the final resting place at Dulaney Valley Memorial Gardens. Grandmom was fighting till the very end and we will all greatly miss her smile, her caring and the joy she always brought to being a great Santa on Christmas. For 66 years she made a lasting impression on everyone she met, helped, took care and guided through difficult, fun and sometimes hard times to overcome the odds. "MRS. PERRY" known to a lot of Sinclair Lane and Northeast Middle school kids, most of which are the better for having her in their lives, were greatly respectful of her always and appreciated her helping hand which was always their for them. So we will be racing with heavy hearts for awhile, but know that Grandmom will be watching over the safety of Cole and helping us all to deal with this loss. "Plenty of butter and bacon and eats up there, Grandmom", with all of our passed family, relatives and friends in the next life we know she is in a better place with no more suffering or pain. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU and we will meet again one day, REST in PEACE, Amehlia Louise Perry April 23,1938 to May 31,2008 ...............................


PRESS RELEASE May 27, 2008


A great show put on by the host club and the results for the team would be fair but not to much to write about. The Heavy 160 would prove to be the best qualifier of the weekend followed by the Heavy Honda and while the World Formula seemed set on pace for a nice qualifying run, coming to get the green flag at a 5.51, with the wheeler driving it in deep to try and get some more, pushed up and crushed the outside wall without completing the lap. The 160 would attain an 8th fastest position and a 3rd place "B" Main starting spot, while the 120 and WF would see "C" Main spots of 1st and 8th respectively. All in all the cars came home in one piece after the mishap in the WF qualifier. The two "C" main cars would make it into the "B" mains, one being driven well and the other just a mere survival car, both would prove to be too tight and slightly off to compete any better than there starting positions for the high banked oval. The 160 would tighten up as well in the "B" and all three cars would be a consistent top ten finish in all three classes. "I had hoped we would be faster, I guess we just didn't have the steam, but we brought them all back in one piece" from a somewhat jubilant driver. "Hopefully the upcoming cup races and the Grands will be better results", practice and runtime would have made a difference, heck it is actually our best States race finishes to date!" Content to receive the three Tenth Place "B" Main finishes." I am just not sure what we missed, hot temps slowed us down and we just didn't convert to the track conditions", heard from the disappointed crew chief, " we'll be better at the Grands!" It's back to regular racing and a couple of points races over the next few weeks, prior to heading North for the Eastern Grand Nationals at the end of June. Stayed tuned and stop over to the site and sign our guestbook, won't you! Catch ya soon...............


PRESS RELEASE May 18, 2008
"QUARTER OF A DOUBLE" - The weather Gods would not cooperate for the weekend's Double Duty at the two PA tracks for what we hoped would be some good news. Mini Bristol would let us know just what a pain she can be when you don't visit her as often as you should. The drivers confidence from the less banked DQMRC raceway would drive a bad decision. After finishing fourth in the heat race, the Heavy Honda would be relegated to B-Main 5th place starting position. The heavy 160 would be way too loose and the driver did all he could just to salvage a finish in the heat race, forcing a C-Main Pole position. With a last minute change by the crew before heading out for the C, the car would survive to transfer to the B and a 10th place start. "The car is much better, way fast, and let's go, we can make it to the A", heard from the drivers seat while setting in the Heavy Honda waiting to start the B-Main. "The car was faster from the heat and I was able to quickly make my way to the front. For 15 laps we held em off, then the dominant "track chassis" racers, just kinda overtook me, and as I was feeling the pressure from a very good racer in second to third, I tried to hard to turn down without waiting and took myself out of the transfer spot. It was just Driver mental error and man did I show it", heard from under the several self taps to the helmet by himself which was was also part of the reply from the angry wheeler. "We should have been in the A". As luck would have it we would only get to the readiness of waiting for the 160 B-Main and then the rains came. Weather did not look any better for the second half of the Double, leaving us to compile what we had from the "Quarter Duty" of races and make better work of it on the Thursday "Open Practice Sessions at the Oak". The States races are this weekend, Memorial Day( Please remember to THANK ALL THE VETERANS AND TROOPS YOU SEE ), the two days should prove promising! Have a safe weekend and enjoy your holiday, be safe and PLEASE DON'T DRINK and DRIVE, the Life You Save May Be YOURS or SOMEONE YOU LOVE!! Stay tuned for next weeks, better news!!....................................






Honey Brook Pa - DQMRC - April 28, 2008
"Failure to Launch?" would be the sound of the Heavy 160 heat race #01/3 bull. After flooding the carb, not once but twice we failed to launch in the Heavy 160 heat race, forcing us to a last place start in the A. The Heavy Honda heat was a 180 degree difference in results. After starting 3rd for the heat, Cole and his 01 Intruder chassis, took the lead after lap 6 and didn't look back. Once again the driver now earned a 4th place starting position for the A Main. "Dad, can you believe we will be starting from 4th again, good number for Greg's day!" the elated driver exclaimed. Of course the day's events were in memorium to our recently lost friend and fellow competitor Gregory Schoonover. The drive and crew chief both agreed they wanted to win the A Main for Greg in the Heavy Honda! Starting 4th and with an early lap 5 racing incident involving 4 cars, 3rd place on back. They were just all meleeing their way through the pack as the slower front two cars bunched everyone up and started the chain reaction infraction. After accepting the call and moving from last to first in 4 laps and taking two cars in the turn two corner to take the lead, would prove to be the right move. Dominating the last 20 laps and not looking back while crossing the start finish for the checkered almost half a track over second place. "Thanks dad and thanks Mr. Joe for being there today, can you come take a picture in Victory Lane with me, Mr. Joe" asked of the driver trying to keep his friends memory alive. After crossing the scales and making it official Cole made it his wish to present Mr. Joe with the Winning A-Main trophy in memory of Gregory. "THANKS!" The Heavy 160 would prove to launch in the A Main, starting ninth and not knowing where the car was at, due to the "Failure to Launch" in the heat. Working form back to the front with a fast car, swapping back and forth with a few drivers as the car came in, up to 5th and driving hard, the traffic would knock him out of the final lap, just as the white/checkered would fall, settling for a 8th place finish. "Fast again, but just a little too late", stated the still exstatic driver, "All in all a good day, let's go get the trophy, I have something special I want to do with it". And with that note, I leave it till next week. Stay tuned for more upcoming results........ GPS YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED AND IN OUR HEARTS, GODSPEED YOUNG MAN!!




- "RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY, COME BACK SATURDAY!!" as spoken by the heart broken driver from under the car cover when the rains came before the heats were complete. "Man we would have had a top points day!, this is why we need an indoor complex!" After the past two weeks of dodging the rain spirits, they finally showed their face today to the disappointment of many a racer. After a bad week last Sunday in the Heavy Honda class the driver went out with a fast car and steady wheel to find the coveted checkered flag in the 1st heat. "Man we were fast!", with thumbs up to the crew. Half to three quarters of a track finish over the second place car with 4 cars a lap down, the driver was getting it done. While waiting for the Light 160 class to finish up the skies opened up and put an end to the race day. So the first points event of the season was not to be. Stay tuned for next weeks exciting adventures when we go out and try to win the "Greg Schoonover Memorial Day" of racing races in the Heavy 120 and Heavy 160 race classes for our friend Gregory P, your are definetly missed!, Race hard, race safe and most of all Hug your Kids!! .........



Well with threatening skies and on a high of last weeks win (4 01)for a fallen friend and fellow racer the 1 To Go Racin Motorsports team and driver, Cole Michael were in the best of moods for a hope at win number two in at least one of three classes this past weekend. Overcast skies and rain in the area surrounding the 1/20th mile oval made for a shortened event. With 15 lap heats and 20 lap features the team struggled this week to break through for good podium finishes. Making the three main events in the Heavy Honda, Heavy 160 and first race in the newly installed World Formula class. The track and lower lap numbers would make it hard to repeat or post a good finish. After driving slightly more aggressive than normal in the Heavy Honda anticipating a fast race car, the driver was DQ'd for impartial calls and unfortunately did not get a finish. The Heavy 160 heat would prove too difficult for the car and an equipment failure of a rear pan hard bolt and the crew's lack of planning to make the repair before the field returned to green. There was a glimmer of hope in the A-Main where the car was lighting fast but had to come from the back in what would prove to be too few laps, finishing a respectable 5th and closing on the leaders. While methodically passing his way up through the field, " He was coming, we heard him!", said the driver of the fourth place car. " It was on a rail and we were smoking" said the unharnessing driver in the hot chute, "We just ran out of laps, five more and the outcome would have been different, I could feel it!" Smoking was the right word for the car, after examination in the hot chute/scale line it was determined that there was a small leak in the valve cover gasket and some oil on the right rear tire, possibly making the car a little hard to hold down in the corners and coming off, " he did a fine job, picking his way from 11th and we simple ran outta time, that's all, just ask the judges!", as the crew chief/Dad was telling me across the scales. The World Formula however would prove to be the heartbreaker of the day, as the driver, who now has to drive a slightly longer line and establish throttle control for the 14 HP motor, it was a learning curve to say the least. Three DOT's in the heat,would force a last starting spot in the A-Main that would show a break in the engine and retire the driver early without a finish in his initial start of the high powered class. "I just heard a snap and hoped we broke a keyway" the exasperated driver was overheard to say in the pits. The engine demons would rear their ugly head to show that it will be slightly more than a sungear or maybe worse, a crank. "Off to the R-Motorworks shop to get it right and repaired", "hopefully not to expensive!", the crew would exclaim. All in all the driver took away some valuable lessons and said he "got the bad run out this week", prior to the first points race of the season next weekend. Tune in and route form your inboxes for a prosperous points weekend on the 20th.

New news- Welcome to returning sponsors WHAY's Auto Service and El Salto Restaurants, who now have a new restaurant in Eldersburg, MD with a name change, Plazuelas, just off RT.26 and Rt70. Please be sure and visit or support all of our fine sponsors! We have added two new pages to the site as well, Big Bro in the Bigs - Michael's page for the 2008 season, in the big leagues working as the fueler for the HAAS CNC Automation #70 chevy in the sprint cup series as well as the #8 MRD Motorsports Chevy Craftsman Truck, repeating from 2007 as their fueler as well. Stay tuned and more to come.............